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Yesterday we, Monica and I, went to visit the new Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos. It is located closer to Cabo San Lucas taking the road to Todos los Santos town where the el Diamante golf course and development is.

It is an All Inclusive property with more than 600 rooms its a family hotel with areas for kids of all edges.

We arrived early our appointment with the Sales manager was at 11am and we arrived at 10.30am and Monica and I were impress by how many people try to help us and notify the sales manager that we were there even that we explain that we were early and that we can wait. Everyone was very friendly since the security at entrance.

They have so many entertainment options while you are there since bowling to a tour of all the hotel explaining each one of the wonderful artist items they have on their walls and halls actually everywhere.

They have a lot of pools rooms where really nice. The beach area is facing the Pacific ocean and it is very wide you can practically do any great event there.

I'm general we think is another great option for your group programs contact us to set up a site inspection next time you are searching for a new option for a program at Los Cabos.

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